We are VERY excited to be one of the first clinics in Victoria, BC to offer PlasmaLift (also known as Fibroblast). This minimally invasive, low risk, low cost method of skin tightening is new to North America but has been a staple of skin enhancement in Europe for years.

PlasmaLift works wonders on slightly loose and crepy skin and is ideal for the upper and lower eyelids, crow's feet, upper lip and neck. It can also be used as a full face treatment to encourage collagen growth and overall reduction of enlarged pores and other signs of aging.

The PlasmaLift device utilizes heat and your body's natural healing process to result in contraction of the skin and immediate lift that will continues to improve over 6-8 weeks after your treatment.

You can expect the treated area to be appear similar to a sunburn immediately after treatment and have some degree of minor swelling. The tiny dots of carbon crusting caused by the PlasmaLift device will be visible until they naturally flake off over 5-7 days.

Fibroblast_3_eyes copy Photo of Fibrolift examples. Photo of Fibrolift examples

Upper Eyelid Lift................$499

Lower Eyelid Lift................$399
Upper & Lower Lid Lift.....$750
Brow Lift…..………………$299
Crow’s Feet..........................$399
Facial Full Face Lift..............$2000
Neck Lift.................................$1500
Nasolabial Lift.....................$350
Top Lip..................................$299
Bottom Lip...........................$299
Top & Bottom Lip................$500
Tummy Lift ............................$2000
Acne Scarring.................................$50 - $400
Pigmentation Spot removal..........$50 - $300
Tattoo Removal..................................
varies in size
Scar or Stretch Mark removal........$75 - $400


FAQ’s Plasma Lift (Fibroblast)

What is PlasmaLift?
PlasmaLift Skin Tightening (also known as Fibroblast) is a method of targeted delivery of heat into the skin. A mild superficial controlled burn by using a voltaic arc is delivered to the surface of the skin. When this is done, the skin responds by generating new collagen and restructuring the elastin fibres, treatment is minimally invasive, low risk, low cost and has minimal downtime compared to surgical skin lifting methods.

How Does PlasmaLift Work?
PlasmaLift works on the basis of sublimation (the instant conversion of a solid to a gas) to contract excess skin and result in tightening of the treated area. This "no blood, no stitches, no bandages" device never touches the skin, but instead its precision tip is placed close enough to the skin to cause a tiny arc (plasma flash) that causes sublimation, which creates tissue retraction and tightening.

What Areas Can Be Treated With PlasmaLift?
Any area you feel needs lifting can be treated. Eyelids are the most popular treatment, in addition to crows feet, lip lines, jawline, neck wrinkles and full neck, full face, scars, stretch marks and sagging tummy skin.

How Long Does PlasmaLift Last?
The effects of PlasmaLift are not permanent as, unfortunately, we cannot stop the aging process. They are, however, as long lasting as any surgical skin lift procedure and you should enjoy your results for years to come. Longevity of results will be reduced dramatically with excess alcohol, sugar intake, smoking and excessive sun exposure.

How Many PlasmaLift Treatments Are Required?
The number of PlasmaLift treatments required will vary according to the area being treated, the skin's degree of laxity, and the desired degree of correction. The number of treatments will also depend on your individual response. Most clients see results instantly, with continued improvement over the following 8 weeks. Touch up treatments may be required to improve results, but it is uncommon to require more than 2-3 treatments depending on area.

What Side Effects Can I Expect After Plasma Lift?
Expect PlasmaLift to result in minor side effects for 5-7 days including tiny brown spots that will develop into minor carbon crust scabbing and slowly flake off. The healing skin beneath the crusts will likely appear pink until it is fully healed. The degree of swelling differs for everyone, but you should be prepared to experience some swelling, especially for eyelid treatments, and especially on fair skin. Swelling typically lasts about 3 days, but may be longer for sensitive skin types.

Does PlasmaLift Hurt?
We aim to make you as comfortable as possible and use very effective topical numbing cream prior to your treatment. Rarely, there are people who metabolize numbing agents quicker than others and feel some mild discomfort... but that is where having an experienced clinician is very important.

How Does A PlasmaLift Treatment Compare to Surgery?
The surgical removal of skin will certainly give you dramatic results. If you have excessive sagging and have lost significant fat volume in the area to be treated it is likely that surgical treatment will be more effective for you. However, if you suffer from the earlier stages of crepy skin and would like to set back the clock a little without blood, stitches or bandages, PlasmaLift is a very effective treatment.

How Do I Care For The Area Treated?
At the time of your treatment, all aftercare instructions will be given to you.

How Do I Know If PlasmaLift Is Right For Me?
If you are unhappy with fine lines and skin laxity that come with age, PlasmaLift is a minimally invasive and low risk procedure that can be tailored to treat your specific areas of concern. The cost is very low compared to surgical options and has minimal downtime. There is no scalpel, no stitches and no bandages.

What Can PlasmaLift NOT Do?
Although this treatment is absolutely fabulous, it does have limits. If you have extensive fat loss and sagging, then tightening just the skin will not be enough to get you the lift you desire. You may need to consider dermal fillers to get the skin the support it needs before we are able to improve its appearance. We currently do not offer dermal fillers but would be happy to provide you with the names of our favourite local physicians that do! If you are unsure if PlasmaLift Skin Tightening is right for you, please book a free consultation

Are There Contraindications?
We are unable perform a Plasma Lift treatment if you...
* are pregnant or breastfeeding
* have a pacemaker
* are diabetic
* are taking blood thinners on a regular basis
* have keloid scarring
* use of Accutane within the last year
* have Vitiligo
* have dark skin or are prone to hyper-pigmentation
* have an active cold sore
* active cold or flu
* are having eyelids treated and are wearing eyelash extensions
* sunburn
* skin cancer
* chemotherapy
* eczema or dermatitis (in the area being worked on)
* hemophilia

How Should I Prepare For My Appointment?
No exfoliating skin care products on the area the week before your treatment, including Retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids and glycolic acids
* No blood thinners 48 hours prior to your treatment. This includes over the counter medications as well as prescription medications. Please contact us if you are unsure if your medication will affect your treatment. If you take a prescription blood thinner and would like to have this treatment, please see your physician first to determine if it is safe for you to stop your medication for the preceding 48 hours. Do not stop any prescription medication without discussing with your physician.
* No alcohol 24 hours prior to your treatment
* For maximum pain control, no caffeine the day of your treatment
* Pain tolerance is reduced just before, and during, menstruation. Keep this in mind when timing the booking of your appointment.
* Arrive with clean skin and no makeup
* If you tend to get cold sores anywhere on your face, please ensure you have a prescription antiviral on hand. If you are having your lip lines treated, please see your physician about starting a prophylactic antiviral PRIOR to your treatment.
* If you are aware that you have sensitive skin and are likely to experience swelling, you might consider speaking with your physician or pharmacist about pre-treatment with an antihistamine. Should you opt for this, please ensure you have a ride home after treatment as antihistamines often cause drowsiness.
* Make sure you don't have any significant events planned for several days after your treatment. The area treated will be visible, and occasionally significant swelling is an issue.

Do You Ever Refuse To Do a Treatment?
YES. We reserve the right to refuse treatment on anyone. For any reason.